IGI 2 Convert Strike Game Full Version Free Download

IGI 2 Convert Strike stands for I'm Going In that is available for free download as full version released from code master and developed by inner loop technologies. IGI 2 Covert Strike game was firstly released in 2003 for PC. IGI 2 covert strike was compress with an high profile archive compressor. So it is available in 175.98 MB space only for free download. IGI 2 is fully action game that is also called as shooting game. Single player and also multilayer option is available in purchased version to play multiple players at once. IGI 2 covert strike is based on an Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weaponry system on a space rocket. A Chinese general Wu Zing rolled as primary character in this game. On the other side there Russian mafia gangs are trying to robbery of this prototype technology. At the final stage David Jones defends and able to stop the launch of space rocket.

David Jones will do a good job with defeating Russian and Libyan terrorist that are trying to rob
Electromagnetic pulse weaponry system from Chinese military bases, secret government agencies and harbors. They are trying to use this weapons of mass destruction into space rocket and trying to destroy some of areas of targeted countries. Are you ready to defend nuclear weapons from robbery of terrorists. Just play this action game and complete its mission to survive like David Jones.
There are 20 missions are available in IGI 2 Covert Strike PC game. There are some instructions are notified from computer to user before, in the middle and after the missions anonymously. These instructions are helpful for user to complete every mission according to instructions. The graphics and video performance of IGI 2 covert strike are highly customized and shows every scene in high quality mode. The sounds are just like the natural sounds like firing, instructions and talks between Alpha, Bravo and Charlie players.
Application Details

Size: 175.98 MB
Version: 2.0
License: Freeware
OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Developer: Inner loop